Ratifying the Constitution

Ten Important Points

Federalist and Antifederalist

1. Antifederalist were people who opposed the Constitution.

2. Federalist were people who supported the Constitution

3. Federalist and Antifederalist both debated if the new Constitution should be approved.

4. George Mason became a Antifederalist because the Constitution did not have a section that guaranteed individual rights.

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Federalist Papers

5. Essays that support the Constitution were written anonymously under the name Publius.

6. These essays were written by Hamilton, Madison, and Jay.

7. The Constitution only needed nine states to pass it, but each had to ratify it.

Bill of Rights

8. Several of the states ratified the Constitution only after they were promised that a bill protecting individual rights would be added to it.

9. The rights would be added to the Constitution would be called amendments, or official changes.

10. In December 1791 the states had ratified the Bill of Rights-10 of the proposed amendments intended to protect citizen rights.

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