Vol. 3

Happy March, Indiana Coaches!

This is our third newsletter, and as each month goes by, our community continues to grow. This is so exciting for the IDOE literacy team because we know that by connecting educators across the state, we can share ideas, resources, and solutions, which can move us toward our shared goal of impacting literacy achievement in Indiana. We know that when children grow up with effective literacy instruction, they are equipped with the tools they need to be successful in adulthood. These skills allow them to express, communicate, problem-solve, lead, and learn. Your work is so important. You are agents of change and advocates for children. Thank you for the work you do!

Ideas & Insight

The Power of a Growth Mindset

In Indiana, almost 50% percent of students are on free or reduced lunch, and we all know that poverty has an enormous impact on students in the classroom. However, a recent study from Stanford indicates that a growth mindset can mitigate the effect of poverty on academic achievement.

However, students from low-income backgrounds are less likely to develop a growth mindset, so as teachers and coaches, it's important to know how we can support students in this way. As the NEA reported, 98% of teachers agreed that using growth mindset in the classroom will improve learning and instruction.

Learn more about nurturing growth mindsets here.

Coach Spotlight: Rick Zimmerman

"My teaching has been greatly enhanced by personally pursuing subject-related passions, such as the Holocaust and Shakespeare studies, and then creating interesting real-world connections between these topics and the students' learning experience."

Rick Zimmerman is an Instructional leader for the Languages Department at South Dearborn High School in Aurora. He also serves as an instructional leader of technology. Rick champions independent reading for all levels and has built a classroom library of over 1,400 books. He uses Socratic seminars and literature circles as primary reading activities in the classroom. Rick is very passionate about Holocaust education, having created the English elective, Holocaust in Literature, and has participated in many local, national, and international Holocaust educator seminars and workshops. He created the English electives Science Fiction/Fantasy and World Mythology while spearheading curriculum redesign for ELA. Rick infuses his teaching and coaching with passion, which transfers to his students and teachers.

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Coming Soon...Indiana Literacy Framework

Your literacy team is working with educators to develop the Literacy Framework. We are including educator voices at every step in the process and our product will be a tool to support teachers in offering evidence-based best practices in literacy instruction to every student in Indiana. This resource will be ready for you to use next school year! See where we are in the process below:
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