By; Maddie Posekany


Sports were one of the main things people loved to watch and listen to in the 20's. There was boxing,football and baseball for the main sports. The one everyone paid the most to was baseball. One of the greatest player played baseball in this time his name was Babe Ruth. He set the record with 60 home-run for on season from a player and after that everyone idolized him. Just how players today to when they set a new record for something because it's a big things and doesn't happen every day.


Many dance were created during the 29's due to he US sponsoring dance contest where professional dancers invented new dance moves. The most influential and popular dances move during this time are the Charleston, The Black Bottoms, and the Lindy Hop. The Charleston was the most famous move it was featured on Broadway two time in 1922. Black Bottom 1926 to 1927, then Lindy Hop in 1927. These dances took place in dancing halls with electric lighting making it easier to dance into the night. The younger generation took the most part in dancing many elders that the dance became more and more scandalous but most took but at the dance halls and night clubs. Dance marathons, or Walkathons, came around as human endurance. Became more popular during the depression because the promise of a roof over their heads and food. It also help that there was money involved.


Movies became part of the everyday American's life in the 1920's. Almost about 75% of people went weekly to the theaters. Films at this time were silent, but sound was created in movies in 1927. Theater were refereed to as palaces and were adorned with columns and a sense of royalty.