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Flashbulb Memory by: Bailey Bennett

The Cream of the crop

I chose flashbulb memory becasue it seemed like a very appealing topic and i wanted to learn more about what it was and how it works. My research will help me understand by going into depth and explaining how it works, also how the brain functions while performing this. This subject will help others because it occurs every day and will help explain some of the questions people have.

Flashbulb memory for dummies

Flashbulb memories are very vivid memories that are stored in your Brain in sort of a safe. They are able to last your entire lifetime and come up or are activated from time to time based on historical or other important life events. Usually these events are dramatic and involve a lot of emotion.

Off to the books!

Psychologist Jennifer Talarico, PhD used the the Brown's and Kulik's theory to study the affect on people that saw the 9/11 event firsthand and what they remember about the event. First off, Jennifer, she remembers making breakfast at the time of the event and heard on TV that a plane had hit the world trade towers. Next She asked people recollection of the even they week of and then months later. She found that most of the people's memories were lost but they would remember odd little things such as what they were eating. This go to show flashbulb memory's power and what it really does, surpassing most of your other memories.

Other Cool Facts

97% of people can remember what they were doing when an important event happened without knowing it.

The memories swain at 3 months and level out at about 12 moths.

They can last a lifetime.

They act as Benchmarks for our life.

They can be so real that it is like you just went through the event, even years later.

Flashbulb Memories