Hogwarts Brochure

Welcome to Hogwarts school of Wich craft and wizerdy. This is the fist year that we have included a brochure, we hope this will help you understand our evey day life schedule.

From, Albus dumbledore

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Flitwick teaches charms, at Hogwrts. In this class first year students made feathers flout.

Flying class

Madam hooch teaches flying class. All students take fly class however not all get to out a broom. Only some selected students get to because they play quidditch.

Students and staff


"I came hear as a boy, this school is my life. I came hear and never left, literally.


"My fist year was the best. My favorite part was playing quidditch. I loved I can't wait for next year!"

Places to go at Hogwarts

The great hall

In the great you will eat, get your mail, and mabey even study.
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The quidditch pitch

Hear you will ether play or watch the quidditch matches.
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