We are women, connected and inspiration to each other

Women Inspired Network - A Call Away, support by women professionals like you & me

God could have given you one purpose, one day or just one moment to say it all. But he gave you many.

He gave you love to feel passion,

he gave you purpose to feel passion

and he gave you a heart to explore compassion.

Every woman who you see around you, you could be one yourself, or the one singular most favourite person in your world could be a woman-you know these are a special lot. And just like you, God has given them a multitude. A multitude of love, a multitude of abilities and as they will all smile and agree, a multitude of responsibilities, that they alone have the knack to blend it all in so seamlessly and yet keep it singular and giving each experience they invite, the most beautiful of their soul rhythmic flow.

The beauty of this enterprise that women have like an ingrained talent has now got a support wing standing on the sides and cheering them on. A well meaning and well wishing group of working women come together to integrate the effort of every woman’s ability when she needs just that little nip, just that little tuck of comfort and encouragement when she wonders ‘How do I carry on anymore’. It could be soul jarring or just a little grain off the sand in the day, the complexity of her matter is no matter, for us, her reaching out is.

Like a circle of love, each woman in this network wants to reach out and be of support and good cheer to the woman across. Be that wonderful chain in this network by connecting the two hands of the huge pool of the same feminine body, one which is trying to reach out to the other gently, and graciously.

Embrace the thought, and share the movement with women around you, women who would like to be associated, would like to participate or simply know more. Share these words. You could be helping someone share a sparkle to their soul. Help someone WIN today. It’s a strangely liberating feeling, you've experienced it.

We believe one woman can inspire & empower hundreds of women...lets make this strong chain of strength that can support our being.

Log on to http://www.wininternational.net or call on 9820012052

Sponsored by Occulus Consulting Pvt.Ltd. a completely non profit initiative started keeping in mind family within family for women. We encourage more and more women to be part of this initiative by being an inspiration to each other.