My 4 Topic

This will be about Mountain and lake of africa so you will see how it like and what it look like in africa.

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is truly a gorgeous place. Within 50 miles of it shares several million people. Also this lake is the largest lake in Africa. This lake's water is fresh so if you were worrying if there is any chemicals, there's not. The lake is mainly in Fanzania and Uganda. If you are to come here, you wouldn't regret it.
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Congo Basin

The area on this basin is 1,335,00 square mile of complete amazingness. This is also the second largest river basin that is so long you won't believe your eyes. The Congo Basin is the vast drainage area. This Basin will make you want to come again and again. It will sooth your stress and make you feel better than you have ever felt.
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Atlas Mountians

These mountains are northwest of Africa extending 1,500. It has the highest mountain range that has ever been found. The mountains will make you look twice and just make you love the way they look and the way it relieves any pain you have. Atlas mountains are rich in mineral, phosphates, coal, iron, and oil. They truly are worth the trip to seeing.
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Indian Ocean

This ocean is the third largest ocean there is to be. This beautiful ocean has a light blue color and will make you want to take a dip and just have fun. It is 11,00 feat and perfect for a family vacation or just a little get away. It extends and extends, it's fascinating. The sound of the waves and the color of the ocean is lovely. You will not, without a doubt, regret this trip.
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