A vote for Jordan Petion is a vote for change!

Why you should vote for Jordan.

Jordan Petion wants what is best for the PAUS 7th grade. He is a Hard working and determined young man. He will strive to get the poeple what the people want. If you give him the power he will be YOUR voice. He wants change to happen at PAUS and he has got the skills to do it.

Why am I running?

Why is it that there is nobody to represent the students? I will change that. If you elect me I will take your problems and suggestions and take them straight to the teachers and staff. I will make sure that there will be resolutions. These resolutions will make you'r experience at PAUS one to remember. Things I am planning on are having fundraisers so that we are able to have field trips. One way I plan on fundraising is by having school dances/parties. We will have a small payment to get into them, with that money we will be able to go on field trips.