Schulich School of Business

International Bachelor of Business Administration (iBBA)

The Schulich iBBA

The IBBA (International Bachelor of Business Administration) is a four year honours degree that provides students with a truly global perspective. The Schulich School of Business is consistently ranked among top tier business schools globally by leading international publications such as The Economist, Forbes Magazine and The Wall Street Journal. During your time at Schulich, you will benefit from a unique academic experience that will broaden your perspectives and prepare you for your international business career. The International Business program integrates courses in world geography and political science and also encourages more focused study in specific countries or regions. You will be exposed to many different cultures and business practices when you are sent on an exchange term and through an optional international internship. In this program, you will benefit from things like a solid foundation in management, highly relevant and responsive to shifting marketplace needs, with an emphasis on critical management attributes, including cross-cultural communication and interpersonal skills. If you would like to work overseas and seek a strong introduction to general management, along with intensive language study, the Schulich iBBA is the degree for you to pursue.

Benefits from Schulich's innovative curriculum

The Schulich School of Business is a top business program and by taking part of this program will provide you with a competitive edge and also provide you with numerous benefits including:

-Taking part of a comprehensive four year program that spans nine different areas of specialization.

-Developing a solid foundation in management skills required for succeeding in dynamic environments

-Examine business issues including ethics, corporate social responsibility and sustainability in management, and learn why they are important to today's best-run companies

-Learn from Pioneers and leading scholars in areas such as risk management, entrepreneurism, global marketing and corporate social responsibility

-Discover your passion: Get involved in one of more than 30 students clubs at Schulich, and embark upon infinite leadership opportunities.

Admission requirements and other useful information

Admission to the iBBA program is based on two equally weighted criteria:

1. Academic Performance

2. The Supplementary Application Form

Each year, Schulich receives approximately 1100 applicants for 100 iBBA spaces. Students in the iBBA program are required to study a second language and participate in a mandatory exchange term during Year 3 or 4.

Academic Requirements:

Ontario applicants must present an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and also have completed six 4U or 4M courses, including ENG4U (English), MHF4U (Advanced Functions). You must also have completed one of: MCV4U(Calculus and Vectors) or MDM4U (Data Management) (MCVFU is recommended)

Applicants will need to complete an English language proficiency test, if they do not meet one of the following criteria:

-Four years of study in Canada in English or French at the secondary school level

-Four years of study at the secondary school level in English in a country where English is a primary language

-One year of study at an authorized university degree program in English in a country where English is a primary language,

Grade average for admission into this program: High 80's to Low 90's

First year courses!

Mandatory first year courses students must take include:

-Microeconomics for Managers

-Macroeconomics for Managers

-Managing Contemporary Enterprise

-Introduction to Financial Accounting 1

-Statistics for Management Decisions

-Organizational Behaviour Across cultures

No Co-op program is availible

Future Career Options

By completing this four year honours degree, many opportunities are open. You may choose to carry on with your education by getting a Masters degree in International Business (International MBA) or stick with your bachelors and seek for a job. Of course, obtaining a Master's or even a Ph.D is more beneficial and will pay off but it takes time and determination. By completing the International Bachelor's degree, you will have experienced many things that will help you in your future and some future career paths you may take include being a Financial analyst, Accountant or a Brand Manager. iBBA students are also encouraged to seek working internships in foreign countries.