Software Project Proposal

Submitted by Shondra Conyers


I am looking for a program that will expose k-2 students to the types of questions (format) and the vocabulary that they must be familiar with in order to achieve success on the NYS ELA test which is first taken in grade 3. I would like a program that allows a personalized and possibly accelerated experience for children grades k-2 to experience common core, NYS based practice questions. I would like the program to assess the student’s ability to correctly answer test type questions as well as their understanding of key vocabulary words. It needs to be easy for the k-2 teacher to differentiate between grade levels. Additionally, a way for the teacher to see and track individual student results would be appreciated. Results can be shown in a format that allows the teacher to see exactly which # question was correct/wrong, while also giving an overall score # correct/ # of questions. The option to have the question/answer choices read for grades k/1 is needed.

Specifics & Extras


The program should consist of grade level (k-2) multiple choice questions/answers with the option to add additional questions as desired.

The program should allow the teacher to select the grade (k,1, or 2) to be assessed.

The program should allow for individual student log in (individual student accounts).

The program layout should be very simple, kid friendly and easy for young children to navigate.

The program should automatically score the multiple choice results and store the scores to allow for the teacher to track student results/progress.

An option to have the questions/answers read aloud to the student is needed for kindergarten and first graders.


Option for timed completion-how long did it take the student to complete the given question(s)?

Increased question difficulty as the students SUCCESSFULLY progress (self-paced).