How to Pack for Survival

Be Prepared

Know Your Environment

Whether it be desert, forest, or grassland you need to know whats necessary for your survival in the wilderness.

How to Carry Your Survival Gear

A backpack is definitely the way to go when packing for survival, being lightweight, easy to carry, and many various pockets the backpack is key for survival. The best are most likely military and combat packs because they are meant to take a beating and they have a great carrying capacity.

The Essentials

The main resources you will need are:

1) Plenty of water(with filter)

2) Signal mirror

3) Enough food

4) Clothes(light and colored is usually good)

5) Bandages

6) Fire starter

7) Flares

8) Duct tape

9) GPS

10) Shovel


Along with the essentials you will need;

1, whistle

2, survival knife

3, orange flag


Along with the essentials you will need;

1, a fire-kit or starter

2, an orange flag

3, hat

4, sunglasses

5, survival knife


Along with the essentials you will need;

1, flashlight

2, whistle

3, survival knife

4, sleeping bag or space blanket


If you can, you will also want to have with you a compass, and firearm. With a firearm, if you are afraid of bears, either a 12g shotgun, or a 30.06 bolt action rifle(more reliable than semi-automatic) will do. If you are dreading a lion or rhino in the grassland then a 7mm magnum should suit you perfectly.

Good Luck

With all these tips in mind, you should be ready to pack for whatever comes your way