Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

September 7th

What is going on?

Writing: We will prewrite and draft personal narratives learning strategies to ensure that our stories have a true beginning, middle, and end.

Spelling and Grammar: Spelling words will go home September 8th. Our first test will be September 15th. We will be learning the difference between a common and proper noun. Proper nouns get capitalized.

Reading: Reading: In Reader’s Workshop we will be focusing on main characters and setting. We will also be comparing and contrasting stories by the same author.

Math: Continuing our place value study, students will learn what numbers are odd and even, get a refresher on greater than/less than, and practice skip counting from different numbers. This is something you could practice at home easily!

Science: Classifying Matter…. Students will sort objects by observing physical characteristics such as relative mass, relative temperature, texture, flexibility, and whether material is solid or liquid.

The kids earned their first class reward tomorrow. They can play on a device brought from home during Fun Friday if you would wish. Congrats! They are very proud of themselves and I am too!

This and that-

Sept. 7th Club Night- 6:00 (tonight)

Sept. 11th Homework officially starts-

Sept. 22nd K-2 Assembly

There will be a club information night on September 7th at 6 PM- if you are looking for club information, be sure to attend! You do NOT have to attend to sign up for clubs. Registration information will be sent home.

We are needing a few more supplies for next week- Thanks for considering!

1 box of popsicles (Mrs. Baker)

6 latex free balloons (Mrs. Baker)

1 bag of goldfish crackers (Mrs. Shetty)

1 box of Club crackers

1 box of Graham crackers (Mrs. Brown)

1 box of Ritz crackers (Mrs. Kim))

1 box of Cheez-Its (Mrs. Kim)

5 bottles of bubbles

Please remember to sign your student's planner every night. Please write down the title of the books read, how long, if you worked on math fluency or sight words. I would also like to see your initials.

I have noticed a few children have not signed into their xtra math account. If you need another paper with your log in information. Please send me an email. I will print off a new copy for you. Math fluency is so important, it carries over into their numeracy and problem solving. Number sense is so important!

Have a good weekend!