Bullying Awarness

By: Jennifer and Paige

What Is Bullying?

- Bullying is an aggressive behaviour and it includes mostly actions.

- Some of them are making threats, spreading rumours, hurting someone physically and also emotionally.

- You can also get bullied by someone teasing you, talking about hurting someone's feelings, leaving someone out on purpose or hitting or yelling at someone.

- Bullying is also when you are being mean to another kid or adult over and over again.


-The bystander can intervene by telling the bully that it is not right to do that

-If the bystander is watching it happen on the internet they can draw attention to it so that everyone sees how wrong it is

-For example, if the bystander is watching it, online they could print the messages and send it to a newspaper and stand up for the target

-The target could stand up to them alone or with friends or/and family, tell a parent, guardian or principal or favourite teacher

-The bully should stop and think, “how would you feel if it were you that were being bullied and felt so alone, scared and worthless.”

Where Can Bullying Happen?

- Bullying can happen anywhere, at school, at the mall or on a playground or at home
- It can take place over a computer or a cell phone, within large or small groups


Bullying is not a action that has good effects for any of the participants. So why do we do it?

The Types of Bullying

-There are many types of bullying, such as cyber bullying, verbal bullying, physical bullying and relational bullying

-Bullying is often deliberate, repeated and involves power with imbalance movement

-Cyber bullying is a growing form of bullying that is hard to give punishments to because it is often anonymous

-It is when someone or a group spread rumors or post false or private information, getting other people to post or send hurtful messages, or excluding someone from an online group

-No matter what kind of bullying it still can hurt the target