Youth Crossroads, Inc.

Parent Newsletter

Happy Holidays Lincoln Family!

Counseling at Lincoln

Please don't hesitate reach out to one of us below. We work closely with the Social Workers at Lincoln and we will work together to find the best fit and services for the youth.

Direct number-708-484-7400 ext. 017 7:30am-3:30pm

While on holiday breaks or after hours you may leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Tayra Romo-

Jennifer Sanchez-

Kathryn Moreno-


Any crisis situations, where there are youth that are runaways, lockouts and ungovernable please contact 708-484-7400 and follow prompts.

What is YC?

We are a community agency and we provide counseling services at Lincoln Middle School. We also have other counselors at Morton West, Morton East and the Freshman Centers. We provide individual and group counseling free of charge to the families.


Mindfulness is demonstrated when you pay your full attention to something or someone. When you are being mindful you are paying attention to all of your surroundings. Mindfulness occurs when you are able to slow down and enjoy the moment.


When we practice mindfulness, we gain the ability to reset our emotions. We have the opportunity to gain control of our breathing, and calm and aroused body. A mindful reset allows us to stay true to our intentions!

Breathing exercises to try!

Below you will find some videos that show breathing exercises that you can try, either when you are feeling stressed out, anxious, or you just want to try something new.
Relieve Stress & Anxiety with Simple Breathing Techniques
Take 5: The Forest Awakens - Guided Imagery for Stress Relief (verbal, music & nature sounds)