On Friday march 11 at about 2:30 to 2:38, 9.o earthquake hit Tokyo japan. This was one of the most powerful earthquakes the world has ever seen. The earthquake was so strong it cased the japan tsunami and Canadian volunteer's were there just hour's after.

how canada helped

in this crisis Canadians helped by giving treatment to anyone that needed it. they also helped with finding missing people and rescuing people from there flooded houses. Canadian volunteers handed out blankets ant first aid kits . we also helped with clean up. Over 77 000 Canadians donated to help with the tsunami.

what trigered the japan tsunami

When two tectonic plates moved164 feat inside the earth which caused the earthquake. The earthquake was so strong that it caused the japan tsunami. This was such a big tsunami it caused floods. This tsunami was over 10 meter's witch killed thousands of people.
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what is a tsunami

A tsunami is a giant wave that is commonly caused by earthquake's. The japan tsunami was one of the biggest tsunami to be created by a earthquake. A tsunami destroys and takes many homes and buildings. This tsunami was said to be about 10-14 meters high.