The RavenMaster's Secret

By: Elvira Woodruff


It takes place in old London in London's tower.Forrest, a young boy who is teased a lot, and is the the next in-line RavenMaster. He is just doing another boring day when he gets news that he will be guarding a Scott. He fells like he will be respected on the day of the arrival three Scott rebels get off the boat, 2 big men and 1 girl his age, he soon begins to be friends with the rebel even though he knows he should not. The girl, Maddy, is soon put to the death penalty. Her Father's Friend tells Forrest and pays him to help, even though it is high treason.

Why read it?

People voted and it got a 4 out of 5! It is so suspenseful you don't want to set it down.