Niels Bohr

By: Kylie, Emily, Amelia and Bicknase

Who is He?

Bohr was born in Copenhagen, Denmark on October 7, 1875. He entered Copenhagen University and achieved his Master's Degree in physics and his Doctor's degree in 1911.

Where Did He Work?

In 1916 he was appointed professor of Copenhagen University and since 1920 until his death in 1962 (age 77) he was at the head of the institute for the theoretical physics established for him at that university. Recognition of his work on the structure of atoms came with the award for Noble Prize in 1922.

What Did He Discover?

He developed the Bohr model of the atom in which he proposed the energy levels of electrons are discrete and that electrons revolve in stable orbits around the atomic nucleus.

How Did He Discover It?

He was studying radiation and found that it can only occur when the electron jumps from one orbit to another.

Why Is It Important To The Atom?

The Bohr model lets us see the orbital rings of an atom.