What makes hair grow?

The Growth Of The Hair

Did you wonder how fast your hair grows well the speed of the hair growth is roughly 1.25 centimeters or 0.5 inches per month.Cell division is responsible for the hair growth cycle.The hair goes through three phases of the hair growth the anagen,the telogen,and the kategan.Hair grows at about the same speed all over your head. Blow drying your hair on high heat with a blow dry is bad for you hair and it will break the cells and make bubbles.Hair grows almost everywhere.Did you know follicle is where the hair grows.I hope you learned something new!

The Scalp Of The Hair

Did you know there is about 100 hairs on a healthy scalp.People usually loses 100 hairs a day,its a normal condition.Baldness occurs when new hairs are not growing anymore. Did you ever wonder why your hair is shiny well that is a sign that your hair is healthy.Depending on how long a persons hair is or how fast it grows, the end of each hair shaft might be a couple years old so just like dead ends.Did you ever wonder why your hair looks so oily well its because there sebaceous glands.The heat you use for your hair like when you straighten your hair it can damage the oils in your hair.Hair loss can be temporary or permanent.If you play sports or go to the beach a lot it can affect your hair so thats why you have to shower after.Did you know when you get fall or get a injury the hair cushions it.The root of the hair is the bulb at the base of the hair embedded in the skin.The hair root ends in the hair bulb.Hope you learned something new.

The Cells Of The Hair.

Did you know there is 3 layers of the hair well you have the cuticle or outside layer protecting the two inner layers.Cell division is responsible for the hair growth.The new hair cells push the hair forward to make it grow.The hair on our head isn't just for the looks it helps our hair warm.At the bottom of follicle is the papila.Hair grows by forming new cells at the base of the root.Keratinization is a protein of the hair.A weird and cool fact you should know is dandruff is caused by a fungus or inflammation.Hope you learned something new.