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Dear Tom

Dear Tom,

My name is Sam, I have a problem my friend named Fargas and he is a video game addict. He has non-stop been glued to his game since he has go it. The addiction has gotten to the point to where it is now slowly killing him. What should i do to help.


Dear Sam,

I understand your pain because my mother was one to. In your shoes I would try to help him by simply giving him what he needs to hear. Tell him what he is missing out on in the real world like events, important moments, friends, just life it self. If that doesn't work then just let him know you care and hopefully he will learn what he is missing in his life.

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In Pursuit of...

Earlier this day three suspects where saw fleeing from the area. The topic is consisted classified but we got an anonymous source telling us this information, Three suspects known as Sam, Dodge, and Vienna escaped from an unknown location and are know being chased down by a man named Tyler and his team of professionals. The information states that the three suspects are actually innocent and are being framed by a phantom hacker.

Brain Jack the Movie

A hacker named Sam hacked into something he shouldn't have. Now his is part of a top secret hacker organisation that protects the cider world. But something isn't right people are accusing him and his friends Doge and Vienna of something they haven't done. They must find out what is doing this and how to stop it but to do so wont be easy.