Sabens Martial Arts Academy Newsletter

Planting Roots: The Sabens Martial Arts Academy

Welcome to the Family

First off I want to thank all of you for your support in this endeavor, and for being a part of the Sabens Martial Arts family. If it weren’t for all of you, I would not be able to realize my dream of providing Carbondale and the surrounding communities with the best Martial Arts studio available in the area. Thank you for putting down your training roots at Sabens Martial Arts Academy, I welcome you all to the family and look forward to helping you grow in your practice.

On Freezing Accounts…

Due to billing complications, Sabens Martial Arts Academy will not be

“freezing” accounts for the University’s Winter break. To compensate

students for missed training time I will host four Friday classes on the

following dates:

  • December 6 -> 3-4:30
  • December 13 -> 5-6:30
  • January 24 -> 5-6:30
  • January 31 -> 5-6:30

Kyle Watson Seminar November 2013

(Attendees pictured below)

"Most problems in life can be solved with a good butterfly sweep. The IRS is trying to audit you........butterfly sweep!"

T-shirt Orders due to Arrive

T-shirts should be in the week of Nov. 10

Sabens Martial Arts Academy Christmas Party

Saturday, Dec. 7th 2013 at 6pm

1224 W. Main Street Suite B Carbondale, IL 62901

Sabens Martial Arts Academy Family Christmas Party

Official Time & Venue: TBA

Holiday Closing Dates

The Academy will be closed on the following dates:

  • November 28 (Thanksgiving)
  • December 24 (Christmas Eve)
  • December 31 (New Years Eve)

Charuto Verissimo Seminar

Saturday, March 22nd, 12am

1224 W. Main Street, Suite B, Carbondale, IL 62901

Cost: $80.00

Time: TBA

Sabens Martial Arts Academy

Andrew D. Sabens, Instructor

What we Train

  • Phase Class: Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu/Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts
Sabens Martial Arts Academy’s Jeet Kune Do program is a functional blend of Muay Thai Boxing, Filipino Kali, and Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do training concepts.

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

  • Private/Semi-Private Instruction

Expand your personal Martial Arts journey through private/semi-private instruction based on your interests and personal Martial Arts goals. Call 618/559-5239 to arrange an appointment.