Team Twenty News

February 11, 2016

Happy Thursday!

We've had a busy week here in room 20. Students are working hard on their Capstone Projects. All students should have brought home a packet of information regarding the project with a collaboration form to be signed by a parent or guardian. Mentors began this week and we are so grateful for their willingness to support our team. Please check for details regarding the project as well as a timeline and forms.


MATH: Students have been placed into math groups for more individualized attention and so they may work at their best pace. We are learning how to multiply and divide fractions and mixed numbers. We have also explored the Kahn Academy app to support us in our learning. This a a free resource which includes videos explaining various operations in mathematics. Several students have found this a valuable resource. Check it out! Next up... ALGEBRA!

READING: We are continuing with our class read A Long Walk to Water. Students are learning how to work in cooperative learning groups for literature circles. We are focusing on vocabulary development, comprehension, figurative language, theme, and making connections between texts.

SCIENCE/WRITING: Students are working on using a 5 paragraph essay graphic organizer to write their research report. Please have your child show you their progress on google classroom. Students are required to use a variety of primary and secondary sources. All students must craft questions and conduct an interview for a primary source. You can help by brainstorming possible people to interview, setting up interviews, recording interviews, and helping your child to document the interview.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Students will be investigating practices used throughout history in economic systems. In particular, they will investigate the use of slaves and how this impacted the early development of the United States as well as other places around the world.


Finally, we look forward to celebrating friendship as well exchange Valentines tomorrow. Thank you to Laurie Stiers for volunteering to put together a special snack and Happy Half Birthday to Jack. Remember, students can bring a blanket and a pillow as well as a favorite book to read for our afternoon tomorrow.

Have a fantastic long weekend everyone!

Mrs. Robin Long