Rescue Dogs

Byron Seppeler-6

#Rescue Begins

Search and rescue dogs find people that are dead or alive . They save people when they are drowning.They find people that are mostly dead.


Rescue dogs help people from mostly every disaster. They also find people wandering away from hospitals and nursing homes, and children who are lost in woods. These are a few of the jobs the dogs do and they love to help.

#Rescue Dog Facts

The primary job of rescue dogs is to save lives. Human partners are called handlers. The dog has to be smart and obedient. The dogs are willing to please their handlers. They must be brave and strong.


Puppy's start training at 12 weeks. They learn commands like sit, come, stay, and to wait. At 6 months they start air scent training. They also have to learn to train to trail and water and snow training.

#On The Job

All dogs must be ready to go at all times. Sometimes dogs wear a backpack of supplies also carry 1st aid supplies. Sometimes dogs have to jump from helicopters into snow and water. Not all dogs complete their training and drop out.
The Long Island K-9 Search and Rescue Team at their Training Facility
Ranger - Avalanche Rescue Dog 'In Training' - The Lake Louise Ski Resort