Early Childhood Curriculum Update

May/June 2017

Mott Class - Preschool

As our construction unit came to a close, we began to explore Quakertown. We looked at materials used to construct houses and also studied where houses and buildings were located on Broad Street. The Mott Class spent a lot of time creating a map of Quakertown and then we explored. We spent a day walking Broad Street; along the way we found St. John’s Lutheran Church, the fire station, Dominick’s Pizza, Karlton Cafe and many other store fronts. We took notes of all the places we saw on the trip, stopping at Sine’s for ice cream. We also crossed Broad Street to explore different parts of Quakertown, including Panther Park and Dominick’s Pizza. All this exploring helped us when we walked the 5th/6th grade class to field day as the middle school was not as familiar with the walk as the Mott Class. We ended the year with an exciting field day that included sprinklers and carrying a bowl of water on our heads. It was a great way to end a fabulous year!

Hicks Class - Preschool

The Hicks Class has embraced learning about how things are constructed and have continued to create and build. Our trip to the Da Vinci Center created this energy which inspired the teacher to create challenges for the children each week. They built bridges with only the materials set before them and tested the strength using glass gems. They constructed boats from a pile of scrap materials and tested them out in the sensory bin filled with water, then counted how many pennies their boat would hold before sinking. Many children noticed that the boats were sturdier with the pennies than without.

We learned about manners and how to take care of guests when inviting them to an important event such as our annual Tea Party. The children baked muffins and set the tables before enjoying lunch with a family member. One of our very talented 5th graders played music. The Tea Party was a wonderful time to show our families what we learned about manners and kindness.

Every May, we have an amazing event called Grand-Friends Day and this year was no exception! The Hicks class invited our guests to help create their own fantasy house. The children and Grand-Friends took this challenge on and did an incredible job.