What's Happening in 4th Grade!

February 11, 2014


Students wrapped up geometry last week and began learning about division this week. We know that division is the opposite of multiplication. Students will review multiplication and division fact families, before moving on to division with remainders, dividing larger numbers, problem solving, and writing division story problems. All of their hard work learning their multiplication facts will really pay off! If your child is still learning them, keep up the practice.

Throughout the rest of the school year, students will be reviewing previously taught skills and concepts on a regular basis. These spiral reviews help students retain information and become more proficient problem solvers.

Social Studies

Fourth graders will be learning about the five themes of geography: location (relative and absolute), place, interactions, movement, and regions. We will discuss what each theme means and how it applies to a certain place. Students will then use their knowledge to create a project sharing how the five themes of geography relate to a place they have lived in the past or to Crozet.

Friendship Grams

Leadership Club will be selling Friendship Grams on February 12-13 during lunch time. A friendship gram is a note that you can purchase for a classmate, teacher, sibling, or friend. It even comes with a lollipop! Friendship grams will be delivered on February 14.


25 each

New this year: For an extra $1, you can add a chocolate bar for your friend.

Leadership Club will then use the money earned to purchase something for the school. Let's see what we can do this year!

Important Dates:

February 12 - 9:05-10:05 - Jump Rope for Heart

February 11-13 - Leadership Club will be selling Friendship Grams to be delivered on Valentine's Day.

February 14 - Valentine's Day - We will open valentines at the end of the day. In the event of snow, we will open valentines on our first day back to school.

February 17 - No School

February 21 - Decade Day - Students are encouraged to choose a decade and then dress in the style of the decade. Have fun digging through your closets!

February 21 - 6:00-8:00 - Sock Hop (see link below for refreshment sign up)


Please send in your box tops!

Jamestown - April 10

Fourth graders will be joining fifth grade on their field trip to Jamestown this spring! Since fourth grade has been teaching part of the Virginia Studies curriculum, including Jamestown, we thought it made sense to participate in this fantastic field trip. Mark your calendars for April 10! More details will be sent home as the date draws closer.