earth sience at camp inc.

This summer was a crazy one, but a fun one too. The thing that was so fun was going to Colorado for a camp. The camp was a business camp. I went by myself to, that was even better. The camp was in the mountains in Steamboat Springs (It was literally in a mountain). the mountains were amazing the view of the town was so magnificent.
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the most interesting part of my visit

We went to Moots Bike factories and watched all of the machines make stuff like all kinds of bikes, and bike parts, (etc.) and they never stopped. Imagine if you were running and you never stopped, kind of like Forest Gump. Anyway the machines did their job and did an amazing job too. Anyway, it was so cool to see the machines and I realized science is all around us.

the things about me

the tings i want you to know is that i love hockey. Another sport i like to play is football. In football i am a cornerback.