The Faubion Lion Pride Press

Week of May 15, 2023

Dear Faubion Family,

Happy Mother's Day weekend to everyone. Can we take a moment to celebrate how amazing our caring and supportive nursing staff is? We hope that you enjoy this week's edition of The Faubion Lion Pride Press. In this edition, we celebrate our nurses, thank our PTO for a memorable Teacher Appreciation Week, and provide details on the upcoming 8th grade events.

Aristotle once said, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit." At Faubion Middle School, we make excellence a habit, and we are kind. Parents, thank you for partnering with us to help your children develop quality habits so they can become leaders of our future.

Go Lions!

- Mr. Boom

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8th Grade Promotion Details

8th Grade Parents,

Please complete this GOOGLE FORM to indicate whether you will take your child home after the 8th grade promotion ceremony on the morning of May 25. The first ceremony is at 9:15 a.m., and the second ceremony is at 10:30 a.m. Parents, please be in your seat in the FMS auditorium fifteen minutes prior to the start of the ceremony. You are welcome to park in the gym parking lot, the lot across the street, or on legal street spots. All visitors need to enter the front door and have your ID ready.

Due to space limitations, there is a two guest limit for each student. All students need to report directly to their first period class as usual so we can take attendance and lead the processional into the ceremonies. At the end of each ceremony, students will be able to enjoy cookies and drink in the courtyard and take photos with friends and family. The GOOGLE FORM is a necessary item to complete, as it will help us with managing check-out procedures.

Students participating in the first (9:15) ceremony have the following 1st period teacher:

Ms. Hobbs

Ms. Deanda

Ms. Culberson

Ms. Richard

Ms. Corvison

Ms. Dobrock

Ms. Boysen

Mr. Delaney

Ms. Williams

Mr. Larry Smith

Ms. Willardson

Ms. Gann

Ms. Weddle

Ms. Fikes

Ms. Wells

Ms. Pool

Students participating in the second (10:30) ceremony have the following 1st period teacher:

Ms. Skelton

Ms. Endres

Mr. Koum

Mr. Folts

Ms. Hutchison

Ms. Nicolle

Ms. Lori Smith

Ms. Shaw

Ms. Brooke Riley and all music teachers

Mr. Hamilton

Ms. Trentine

Ms. Norman and Mr. Norman

Ms. Erin Riley

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baby photos for Faubion Farewell - past due!

In the upcoming 8th grade Promotion ceremony, we will feature yearbook photos next to baby/early childhood photos. Please follow the instructions on the google doc for uploading a photo by May 12 so your 8th grader can be featured! We have extended the deadline to Tuesday, May 16. Please make sure that your child was fully clothed in the photo. Please avoid bath time photos :) Here is the GOOGLE FORM for you to submit a photo for your 8th grader!
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Happy Nurse's Day - Nurse Megan Byrd

Serving as our lead nurse, Nurse Megan Byrd joined the Faubion Family this year! Born and raised in Seneca, Illinois, Nurse Byrd is an avid Chicago Cubs fan. In fact, Nurse Byrd and Mr. Boom banter regularly about their disdain for each other's favorite baseball team!

Nurse Megan attended college at Loyola University in Chicago then moved to Indiana for a nursing job. In 2014, she moved to DFW and served as a labor and delivery nurse for eight years. Last year, Nurse Byrd joined McKinney ISD as a float nurse, serving a total of nine campuses.

When Nurse Megan was asked to join our team at Faubion, she was very excited. An "east sider" at heart, Nurse Megan loves the dual language program and wanted to give special recognition to Sra. Corvison. As a final note, Nurse Megan shared that she loves the middle schoolers and that she is so impressed with the work of our teachers and the special programs. Her daughter, Charlie, plays in the band and is part of the best fine arts program anywhere. Please take a moment to send Nurse Megan a thank you!

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Happy Nurse's Day - Nurse Kelli Rehn

Nurse Kelli Rehn grew up in Allen and graduated from University of Oklahoma in 2002. She has been married to her amazing husband for 20 years. Nurse Rehn has two kids: one is a fourth grader at Glen Oaks, and the other is a sophomore at McKinney Boyd. Outside of school, Nurse Rehn loves coaching her daughter's volleyball team, and she is one of Amazon's most valued customers! A fun fact is that she is related to Isaac Newton, Rosa Parks, and Johnny Cash!

Nurse Rehn loves being a nurse assistant and working at MISD. She truly feels like part of a family at Faubion, as everyone welcomed her with open arms. The administration, the staff, and parents are all extremely supportive and prioritize the children’s well-being (educational, mental, and health). Nurse Kelli said that she feels so lucky to be a part of Faubion!
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Hawaiian Falls Payment / Permissions past due!

Our 8th grade special events are coming soon, including the 8th grade celebration to Hawaiian Falls and the 8th grade Promotion Ceremony in the FMS Auditorium! Payment for the Hawaiian Falls trip can be made online this year, and the parent form to complete is also online. The packet that your child received in first period class this week includes other information for parents to complete. All payment and forms were due back to 1st period (not History class) on May 5. Please send any late payments or packets directly to the front office.

Kudos to Mr. Dominguez and the PTO for your coordination!

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Our PTO rocked Teacher Appreciation Week! A huge BBQ feast with burnt ends for days, parents who encouraged their kids to pitch in, a fridge and freezer stocked with drinks and ice cream, many donated prizes from trendy local businesses, adult-requested passing period music *think Time by Pink Floyd*, name that song contests, donuts abound, baby photos, parents bringing gifts, many "whoo hoos" on the P.A. and more were part of this incredibly memorable week. One outstanding staff member shared, "It takes a village to raise our kids. This was the best teacher appreciation week ever."

Thank you to all of our PTO and especially the Teacher Appreciation committee of Kimberly Cowan, Marcy Blake, Antwonetta Parker, Jenny Blythe, and Christy Canon. We are all happier - and more full - because of YOU!

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Online Summer Course Registration - May 30 - June 1

If you want your student to take an online summer course, please fill out the Google Form to receive a reminder about registration. Parents/Guardians will have to register their student in person at Faubion, May 30-June 1, between 10am-2pm, and pay at the time of registration using cash or check only. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your student’s counselor.

A-G: Mrs. Jones -

H-O: Mr. Rodriguez -

P-Z: Mrs. Kiefer -

Link to Google Form:

Summer classes for high school credit are done virtually and run from June 5th through June 29th.

Please note that no extensions are allowed, and the district recommends students take only one class due to the tight timeline.

The fees per course are $110. For students on free/reduced lunch or currently in AVID the fee is $50.

Please also be aware that if your family is planning to travel outside of the country during the June 5th through June 29th timeline the district cannot guarantee the course will be accessible.

If you are interested in registering siblings who do not attend Faubion please contact the school they are currently attending. We can only register current Faubion students.

How many hours will it take to complete the course?

To assist with creating a study plan, we have created a chart ( with information on the number of modules in each course and the average amount of time required to complete the class. Apex coursework is self-paced. Students will have access to the content 24/7 from June 5, 2023 to 11:00 AM on June 29, 2023 from any location with internet access. Each learner will respond differently to the expectations of an online course. Reading fluency, background information and attention span all factor into the speed with which a student can complete online coursework. Content in Apex is organized into modules. The number of modules varies from course to course. If you are taking a course to recover credit, read the course announcements for information about Pre-Test and Diagnostic opportunities which may shorten your progression through the course.

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Clubs and Organizations

We are focused on making sure that all students are an active member in at least one club/organization in order to become more engrained in our school community and also help with academic performance.

We have several well established clubs and organizations on campus, including Academic UIL, Student Council, Youth and Government, the Kindness Club, and more. All clubs are student-led and guided by a faculty sponsor. Please follow this LINK for a listing of our clubs.

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Frequently-Accessed Links

Staying current on information is easy, if you know where to look! For school-wide information, you can visit us at:

School website -;

Twitter -; and

Facebook -

Our counselor webpage is, and our PTO website is

Please visit all of these sites regularly to stay updated. Make sure to check your child's grade regularly in Home Access Center (HAC) at and view coursework in Canvas at

You may monitor your child's grades and attendance by using the Home Access Center.

Here are the steps to follow:

1) Please make sure that you are using Google Chrome as your browser.

2) Go to

3) Enter your login credentials. If you need assistance with your login information, please reach out to your child's house secretary:

A-G: Mrs. Soroa - or 469-302-7005

H-O: Mrs. Perea - or 469-302-6911

P-Z: Mrs. Dedman - or 469-302-6917

Drug Use Prevention: McKinney ISD offers a Canvas course called "Talk it up! Prevention resources for parents," which is full of drug prevention resources. Please visit the following LINK, bookmark it, and review it at your convenience. Our district truly embodies the "Live Kind" mindset in taking care of the entire child. Our district Substance Use Prevention Committee works hard to make the content relevant, engaging, and timely. Our counselors are also equipped with lots of resources to assist you, so if you need anything please reach out to us.

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Cell Phone Policy

At your convenience, please listen to the Simon Sinek video about the harmful effects of cell phones and the importance of interpersonal communication. We do not allow cell phones, ear buds, or smart watches to be out during classroom periods. We also do not allow cell phones in restrooms. Please help us reinforce this expectation, as we want to engage your child in high-quality instruction from bell-to-bell in every class, every day.

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Faubion Middle School Model of Learning

McKinney ISD provides a district-wide standard, called the Model of Instruction, which guides teacher teams in planning, instruction, and classroom culture. With input from our extended leadership team, we created a standard for scholarly behavior in every classroom. Our teachers use the Model of Learning, guiding students on how to behave and think as a scholar. This model reinforces the characteristics of a McKinney ISD graduate.
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Tuesday, May 16 - Deadline Extended

Baby Photo for 8th grade Promotion Ceremony due

Friday, May 19

Choir Disco Fever Concert!

Wednesday, May 24

8th Grade Trip to Hawaiian Falls

Thursday, May 25

Last Day of School and 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony

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