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Caution: Geniuses at Work

Genius Hour

What are you passionate about? Well, Genius Hour is a new project we started in school. Genius Hour is when you can explore about your passion and research about it. After we research and get the materials we can try planning and building our passion out. If our materials and building don’t work keep doing it over and over until you succeed. In our school, the classes involved are Miss Karamanos and Ms. Steinheber, Ms. Lindsey, and Mrs. Medler and Ms. Petruzzi. Everyone has a different passion, but some people have similar ideas. The different groups are animals, coding, architects, animation, making an app, and much more! There are a few steps until the end. Don’t RUSH because you have enough time. We are now at the end where we take all our research, make it, and try it!

By: Rahil and Sasmita

Playground Math Projects

In Math we are learning about area and perimeter. For these lessons we turned into architects. We researched, planned, brainstormed, and built our very own unique playgrounds. We had to determine the area and the perimeter of the model before building. We always had to keep three things in mind about the playgrounds. They had to be: Safe, Fun, and Help kids exercise! Every group had a different part of the playground, so we had the swings, rock wall, monkey bars, and many more! Our playgrounds also had to really hold up, so some of them failed the first time. But that's okay because engineers go back and research more, then rebuild. We worked really hard to build these playgrounds.

Kahoot on Skype!

In Rm 143 we do Kahoot! on Skype! Skype is a website that you can chat and call people to talk about different things. For Skype, you can call or video call. You can use Skype when you do things like math, social studies,science, and much more things you can use Skype for. Skype is a good website to use when you do things because it can teach kids and adults new things while you are on this website at home, school, or in any other place.

Google says that,” A Kahoot is a collection of questions on specific topics. Created by teachers, students, business-people and social users, they are asked in real-time, to an unlimited number of “players”, creating a social, fun and game-like learning environment.” It is very important to use this kind of website because it can teach kids lots of new things in a really fun way.

Did you know you can Skype and do kahoot at the same time? We do! We skype to play Kahoot with kids all over the place, like in New Jersey, Ohio, and even Edison! You should try it!

By: Brianna and James

Our Fantastic Commercial

The students in Room 143 have done their first commercials. They were about the March Madness Tournament of Books for the round The Final Four. The groups were trying to persuade the people that might watch the commercial to vote for the book they chose. One group did a commercial for the book Captain Underpants and The Wrath of The Wicked Wedgie Woman and the other group did it on the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules. We used these green screens that Miss Karamanos and Ms. Steinheber put up. We have this thing on the iPad that you can upload a background so it could look like you are actually at the place that the background shows! Julie was fading like a ghost when it was her group's turn to perform because she had a light blue top and the background was light blue. We were almost like real news reporters!!

Each group was sitting at a table with a coffee mug for each person while filming. Captain Underpants and The Wrath of The Wicked Wedgie Woman made it to the finals but Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules didn't. In the round The Final Four Captain Underpants and The Wrath of The Wicked Wedgie Woman got 204 votes and the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules got 67 votes. These are the amazing things that happened from the cause of our commercials.

By: Esha


What is it?

Have you ever heard of Kidblog? Well we use it all the time! In Kidblog we get to write what we want to write about. We each have our very own accounts. Our teachers will give us a blog topic like something that makes us happy, Genius Hour, what we did on the weekend, about us, persuasive writing and much more. There are many different opportunities that you have on Kidblog. You can change your profile avatar, profile name, and background picture whenever you want. You can blog whenever you have free time. The best part is you could see other peoples blogs and comment on their posts. You could also see the people from around the world that visited and where they're from. You could see the comments that other people left and respond to their comments. Before you know it you will be having a conversation together. If you posted something on your blog and you want to expand it you don’t need to delete it and make a new or post a new blog with the expansion of that blog! Instead you can just hit edit and repost it. But don’t worry the blog you wanted to edit won’t come up instead there’s going to be the one you edited as a new post. We hope you start blogging. It’s very fun!

By: Gina, Melanie, Lyannah, Kevin

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