Kindergarten News

October 14, 2016

Learning Intentions

Writing Workshop

As writers we can go back to previous pieces of writing and add to or revise them.

Word Wall Words

High frequency words we will be learning this year.
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Reading Workshop

As readers we learned to be storytellers by looking at the pictures, remembering what happens and then “reading” the book.

Math Workshop

As Mathematicians we put numbers in sequential order.

During Workstations we practiced counting, patterning, number order, following steps to create structures and writing our numbers 0-10. Some friends even wrote numbers beyond 20!


As Entomologists, we are learning about insects.

Engineering at its best!

Additional Fox Fun Friday pictures

Tag Ceremonies

Please mark your calendars for the Tag of Honor ceremonies this year!!

Kindergarten ceremonies will be at 9:30 on October 31st, January 23rd, April 2rd, May 22nd.

We hope you can join us for these special programs where we honor your students hard work each nine weeks.

Visiting readers!

We were excited to have two former kindergartners from Mrs. Poston's class visit us today. These first graders are awesome readers and shared great stories!