I want that job

By: Russ Johnson

Job description

It is similar to a physical therapist but they do more like return to play decisions and they do rehab like physical therapists but they also do on field care.

Cool fact!

You get to work with with all sorts of athletes and you also help train the military. You can travel with professional sports teams

How does this benefit society

They can help military recruits get into good physical shape. They bandage injured players so they can play in games And keep from getting injured. They keep people in good shape and keep people from getting furtherly injured

Education skills and requirements

The minimum degree needed is a bachelors degree but many masters or doctoral degrees. You will also need communication skills because you wok with a verity of people.


You will need a strong desire to help others and work well under stress and pressure. You will need exellent communication skills

Annual salary

The average annual salary of an athletic trainer is $42,400

Job growth

Much faster than the average (21% or more) its in demand

Companies that hire this occupation



University of California

Any sports team