Mindfulness-Based SEL in Action

February 2020

Note from the Editors

Welcome! February is the month of LOVE! Let's celebrate all month long by sharing kindness and gratitude with others. Consider developing your own Wellness Week for your class or entire school. Let's put some extra love into what we do--whether it's for a school-wide stretch break or gratituesdays--let's inspire kindness in others.

If you find yourself with questions related to mindfulness or SEL we would be happy to help. Be sure to check out our upcoming learning opportunities in MLP/ MyLearningPlan for updates.

We invite you to share this newsletter with others who may benefit from all that is here. :-)

Liane & Kate

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Calming Bottle in a Video — the Glitterfall
Get Inspired: Wellness Week Activities

West Humber Elementary gives inspiration with their week of mindfulness activities for the whole school to participate! Use this calendar to help you develop your own wellness week.

Feather Ninja!

Feather Ninja was popular this past week with the kiddos in a few of our programs. Kids and adults alike were enjoying the challenge and playfulness. Give it a try!
Yes, there is science behind that overwhelming joy of having a snow day. Learn and share the science behind this joy by clicking the snowman below.

Seeking Support with Mindfulness, SEL or Trauma-Informed Practices?

Liane and Kate are here to support you in a variety of ways. We spend a good portion of our time in classrooms modeling these practices with students, offering workshops, facilitating learning experiences in small group settings, coaching, book studies and more! Please check our catalog for offerings that may be of interest. You can also sign up for our email blast of offerings ~ see below!

We're all about helping you.

Please reach out for support!