November 16, 2105

The Kids that Need us the Most

Every year we will have kids that will try our patience. We will be tested and we will have our bad days, but that is part of learning how to work with these students.

As adults, there are probably times in our lives that we have needed someone to believe in us in order to believe in ourselves. I know I have had that. This is the same for students. When we give up on a particular student, then they often will give up on themselves. The kids that frustrate us the most, are sometimes the kids that need us the most. Let your belief in your students outweigh the frustrations.

I hope that Wednesday's mini-staff development of focusing on a behavior and academic concern of a particular student gave you additional strategies to work with that student. All the strategies listed do not have to be implemented before a referral can be written but you still must follow the Behavioral step form. Even though a referral is written, continue to work with that student and implement the additional strategies.

Have a great weekend.


The next PLC meeting will be on December 2nd.

Brick House

Brick House is about grading the learning standard . Remember that forgetting to write their name on the paper and deducting points is not a learning standard.

Jana Poth Presents at Social Studies Conference

Jana Poth presented at the 2015 Texas Council for Social Studies Conference in Ft. Worth on Oct 30 & 31st. She helped present lessons about the life of the Comanche Indians in the 1700s-1800s with Dr. Reese Todd of Texas Tech University and Dr. Katheryn Knight of Texas A&M San Antonio. Congratulations Jana!

Megan Aguilar and Erin Aschenbeck present at Art Conference

Megan Aguilar and Erin Aschenbeck are currently in Galveston attending the Texas Art Education Association Conference. Today they presented at this conference in a Walk-Up Workshop on Creative Critiques. Congratulations ladies!

Spotlight Member of the Week: Jennifer Wulff

From a staff member: You took the time to look over the ICU list so that when you turned in the student's work it was labeled by the ICU teacher. This was such a huge help to me when I had to sort all of the work. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this.

To nominate a staff member for Spotlight Member of the Week email a Cross the Line Form to Marcia Gonzales.

Picture and Caption-Week of November 16-Cathy Brock

Submit your picture and caption( 2 to 3 sentences) to Valerie Elias and Kim Cathey no later than Thursday, November 19th

Concession Stand-Thursday, November 19th -Tracy Wood and Carol Villanueva

Get cash box and Pizza from Mrs. Elias

School Events

November 16

November 17

November 18

November 19 Tiger Basketball vs McAuliffe 8th (H) 7th(A) 5pm

November 20 6th Grade AVID Field Trip

On the Horizons

November 21 FISD Education Foundation-Downtown Gatsby Event

November 23-27 Thanksgiving Break

December 2- Staff Meeting

December 4-Special Pop Forms Due

December 7-Progress Report Grades Due

December 8-Beginning Band Winter Concert

December 11-7th & 8th Band Winter Concert

December 16-7th Grade Genius 30 Presentations

December 18-Early Release for Students and Staff

December 21-January 1-Christmas Break