Demonstration Plan - Rich Task

Aaliyah Page @ Brandy Melville, Square One

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Date: May 25th

Time of Demo: 11:00 a.m.

Description of activity: Customer service, show how to do different folds, show how to tag or steam.

Customer service will include explaining how the sizing of our store works, showing popular selling items, & explain pricing of the signs. Next, I will teach how to do two different types of folds for different types of clothing. If there are boxes of clothes sent to us at that time, I will show how to tag the items. If we have no shipment in the back I will show how to steam the items of clothing that are wrinkled.


I have chosen to do these tasks because they are part of my daily routine. It's important to know how to answer any questions customers may have and questions about the sizing at brandy are the most popular. The famous signs do not have any pricing on them so customers also ask questions about how the pricing works. Steaming is important as well to ensure all the clothes look presentable for sale.
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Details of the Activity:

  1. Ask customer if any help was needed
  2. Help customer out (answer questions etc.)
  3. Take two different clothing items that are folded differently and demonstrate how to fold them.
  4. Show how to tag and hang/fold shipments (if available)
  5. Find clothing in the store that needs to be steamed and demonstrate how to do the steaming.

Required Materials

  • Security tags (maybe)
  • Steamer

Special Instructions for teacher: None

Approved: Date, Time & Activity




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