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Undeniably Blessed


It's been a year since we got married, last update was almost a year ago!
As we are writing this newsletter from our new rented home, in one of the nicest suburbs in North Perth. Yes, laugh with us, because this is way out of our leagues, we are simple people with our belongings fitting in suitcases, but He did it again! We can afford to pay rent for a room, but it came with the whole house, a car to use, a swimming pool, a beach view, AND the most adorable cat. Long story short we have a friend who is an amazing young lady doing missions in Mozambique, and this is her family house which her mother has graciously offered us to stay for the time being.

When you don't have a home, you think about where will you sleep, where will you work from, where you plan your future, where you can welcome people, and how unbelieving friends and family might think of you. We are not going to settle here as in time they will return and we need to move on wherever God calls, but He just gives us so much REST from all this.

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