Pine Class News Update

November 1

We had another great week. Two trips and a rainy day farm stand. The Pines keep growing and we keep learning right along with them.
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Anna's mom sent us pieces of the milkweed plant in its various stages. We organized the parts, mounted them on this cardboard and labeled the parts of the life cycle.
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We made the Brooklyn Bridge in this dramatic play work with the projector.

BAM Field Trip

We walked to the Brooklyn Academy of Music in order to learn more about this important place in our neighborhood.

Red Hook Field Trip + Pioneer Works

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Gathered together at Brooklyn's edge

We are on a quest to learn more about Brooklyn. One way to learn is to go to Brooklyn's edge and look out. Students asked, "Is that the Manhattan Bridge?" even though they knew Manhattan was behind them. Very interesting. We talked about this out there and then again back in the classroom next to our map. As we are learning about what makes Brooklyn unique, we are also learning where Brooklyn is.
There were many wonderful places for our children to play in the yard space outside Pioneer Works. The space is home to an art gallery and art classes. The children saw some very abstract collage art including video collage that they thought was "really weird." They were open-minded and learned more about what makes Brooklyn unique.

Picture Day!

Last year's school picture day was really a time for personalities to shine. And looking at all the pictures together shows what a vibrant community we have. Click here to see and use "compass" as a password.

Our next picture day is

Monday 11/2; 8:15 am - 9:45 am

Note: children do not need to wear Compass shirts.

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We are discussing our portraits with friends. How are we similar? How are we different? How awesome are we?


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