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Week of January 18

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Principal's Corner

Hi Nagel Nation!

It's a BIG week in the Nagel Nation. This Friday, we will have a Schools to Watch team visiting to determine if we qualify for another re-designation. The team will be meeting with a student, parent and teacher panel as well as visiting many of the classrooms. I hope you will all please pitch in and take a detailed look in your team areas and classrooms to make certain we are showing off our best. You will receive another email this week with the list of names of students who will need to miss class for 30 minutes. Please excuse them from 8:00-8:30 to the Learning Commons. Thanks to Leah, Ali, Brenda, Amy Z, Donna, and Chad S, for their help in completing the application process to obtain the site visit. I have no doubt, that thanks to ALL of you, we will maintain our status of a National and Ohio School to Watch!

Item #1 -World Language Recommendations

FInal Notice >> 7th Grade Core teachers will be completing World Language Recommendations starting this week. These recommendations need to be completed by Friday, January 22nd. The Language Arts teacher on your team will receive the Google Spreadsheet (shared by Lizzy) in which to complete these recommendations. Please find your team tab in these Google Spreadsheets to complete the recommendation. Linked below is the rubric you will use to guide your scores.

World Language Recommendation Rubric

Item #2 High School Recommendations - Update!!!

8th Grade Core Teachers - Please complete recommendations for high school courses. Please complete the rubric as well as the final recommendation by Tuesday, January 19th at 2:30pm

Materials to support rubric scores and recommendations

Rubric Guidelines by Subject Area

Language Arts


Social Studies


Course Expectations for 9th Grade

Item #3 - Conferences

Conferences are next week. Be certain you have reached out to any parents who would benefit from meeting with you that have not scheduled a conference.

Item #4 - 3rd Quarter Grades

Please CLICK HERE for details regarding grades.

​Item #5 - Beginning of 3rd Quarter

3rd quarter/2nd semester class schedules begin Tuesday, the 19th.

Item #6 - SuperHawks

​The SuperHawks and Cheerleaders are hosting the annual tailgate before and during the silver boys basketball game on Monday, January 25th. All the money collected/donated will be given to Cincinnati Honor Flight. It costs $450 to send a veteran to Washington DC and our goal is $900! During lunches on Thursday, January 21st, Friday the 22nd, and Monday the 25th SuperHawks will be selling raffle tickets for pizza lunches, showers on the principals, and a chance to shoot a half court​ shot at the game. Students will also be able to donate $1 and post an honor flight star in the Cafetorium with their name on it. The team with the most stars will be rewarded with a PJ day (teachers too!).

Item #7 - Mailings

If you need to mail any letters home to parents, they must be in printed Nagel envelopes in order for the postage to be paid. Please see someone in the front office if you need any.

Item #8 - Staff Meeting

See you at the staff meeting on Wednesday, January 20th. Everyone is expected to be there at 2:25 as will begin promptly. Please email me if you are unable to attend.

Item # 9 - Non-Negotiables

Hoping you have read the non-negotiable's that were shared with you last week. They will need to be put in place beginning this quarter. If you need any support please see Kyle or myself.

Item # 10 - State Testing Update:

John Bailey is looking for 1 teacher per team to act as the AIR test expert for your team. You will become extremely proficient in creating test sessions for your team, approving students to test, and troubleshooting problems. Please let John B. know who each team is designating! Deadline is February 1.

Item #11 - Safety Update:

We are looking for a few teams to pilot some additional features on the Navigate Safety App. Please discuss with your team and let John Bailey know if you would like to help us pilot the new features (like taking attendance on your phone or tablet during an emergency or drill). Please let JB know by Monday, January 25.

Item #12 - Activity Picture Schedule

Again, this year we will be having two days of activity pictures. Wednesday will be the club and Friday will be for music and all of WEB. On Wednesday, please have your TV's on so the kids can see the times. Please remind them during Advisory, to leave 2 minutes before they are to be in the Cafetorium. If you are an Advisor, please try to your best to be there to help organize your club.

NExt Activity Schedule

Music & WEB Schedule

Item #13 - Calendars

There are 4 large desk calendars and 3 small book calendar available. If you are interested, please see Jodie.

Item #14 - OMLA

Do you have any great new happenings in your classroom that you want to shout to the world, or at least a lot of other middle school educators? If so, the OMLA (Ohio Middle Level Association) is looking for presenters for their annual conference. This year it will be held in Cincinnati, October 27 & 28. Please send me your idea and we will determine if it should be submitted to the OMLA.

Item #15 - New FLEX Walls

Flex wall installation will begin in February. Because we have to have one side of the building completed for summer school (we will be hosting Elementary & Secondary) we are going to begin with the 8th grade. All walls will be done before school starts next Fall. We have been told that it will take 3-5 weeks to complete a room. I suggest that you start spring cleaning now if you are on the upcoming schedule. We can save boxes for you if needed. Also, if you need help we are willing to help you when it comes time for you to move things.

Remember the counters will be removed to increase space in the rooms. They will be replaced with movable counter spaces. The teacher cabinet in each room will stay so that you have a place to lock up items as well as the bookshelves on the wall. I am going to have Jodie set up a time to meet with each team to talk about the rooms as well the flexible furniture that will be in each flex room and the Technology, along with any other topics you would like to discuss. I would like to do that during the month of February. I will have Jodie send out a sign up doc. Here is the order the rooms will be completed.

1. 8-4

2. 8-5

3. 8-3

4. 8-2

5. 8-1

7th grade will be planned after I meet with the teams

Rooms 210 & 115 will be used for used for replacement classrooms during the remodel. I will let you decide as a team which class goes into which room.

These are exciting times at Nagel and Forest Hills Schools!!! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Item #16 - Let's Celebrate!

February will be celebrate Nagel Month! Time to have some fun and celebrate our students and staff!!! More details to come:)

I know you will all join me in sending our condolences to Lizzy and her family on the loss of her Grandfather, Harry W. Rigney. Lizzy will be out all week. Kim will be contacting you with any schedule changes. Lizzy our many thoughts and prayers are with you.

January-May Nagel Middle School Timeline



18 - NO SCHOOL - MLK, Jr

19 - NO CAT

20 - Staff Meeting - ****** @2:30

20 - Grades Due

20 - Activity Pics - on Stage

21 - Conferences 4:30 - 8:00

22 - STW Site Visit

22 - Activity Mics - Music and WEB only

25 - Extended Team Time - (see shared doc from TL)

26 - NO CAT

27 - WEB Coordinator Meeting @ 2:30 - Amy Office

28 - Extended Team Time

30 - District Science Fair-JUDGES NEEDED PLEASE!!


Tech Bytes

Schoology Non-negotiables

Kyle had a meeting with CAT leaders last week to discuss the Non-negotiables. Kyle will begin attending CAT meetings in the month of February so that he is available to answer questions or provide support for any groups or individuals who need some assistance with getting on board with all six non-negotiables. Our goal is to make sure everyone is adhering to the non-negotiables by the end of the school year. Please view the Schoology Non-Negotiables presentation so that you are aware of each expectation going forward. Kyle will also be leading a session or two on the Schoology roadmap during our February teacher in-service day.

Flexible Furniture Pilot

We have made many strides with our flexible furniture initiative in the new year. We are narrowing down our list of prefered furniture for the flex-rooms, have had a number of teachers try out our current arrangement in 7-4, and have received some awesome feedback on the benefits our current furniture is bringing to the classroom. If you would like more information about the pilot and our ideas so far please check out the Flexible Furniture Pilot One Stop Doc.

Display Pilot Update

All 4 classrooms in team 8-4 are up and running with only a couple of modifications needed to place TVs in more ideal locations. The feedback so far has been outstanding. 8-4 teachers will have their rooms for about another month before the new wall comes in. Afterward, 8-4 will have a couple weeks of dedicated time in their rooms before we begin allowing others to reserve time slots to bring their classes into these rooms.