What Do Illustrators Do?

Journeys - Lesson 7

Miss Hutter - Grade 3

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Essential Question :

How do pictures help to tell a story?

Background Information:

how I do children's book illustration May2010
How Walt Disney Cartoons Are Made

Skill of the Week : Text & Graphic Features

Informational texts contain text features, such as headings, speech balloons, and photo captions, that can help readers locate information quickly.

Authors often use graphic features, such as illustrations, maps, charts, or graphs, because these visual features can make information easier to understand.

Spelling Words : 3 letter clusters

  1. three
  2. throw
  3. scrap
  4. string
  5. street
  6. scrape
  7. spring
  8. spray
  9. thrill
  10. threw
  11. scream
  12. strong
  13. strange
  14. scratch
  15. think
  16. they
  17. straight
  18. scramble

Vocabulary Words

  1. imagine - to see a picture in your mind
  2. tools - things people use to help them do a job
  3. illustrate - to make pictures that show something
  4. scribbles - drawings or doodles, drawn in a quick or careless way
  5. sketches - quick, simple drawings
  6. tracing - copying the outline or shape of something
  7. research -to search for and study information about a topic
  8. textures - different ways that surfaces look and feel


Synonyms are words that have the same or similar meanings.
Synonym Symphony A Song That Teaches Synonyms by Melissa