Electric Cars

Are Awesome


Do you know what an electric car is? It’s a car that uses an electric motor. Electric cars are not the same as your normal running car. They run on electricity which is powered by a battery, which is inside the car. I hope you enjoy this interesting topic and learn new facts while reading this piece of informational writing.

Different Companies

There are many car companies that make and sell electric cars. There is a electric car company called Tesla. They make cars like the Tesla model S. There is a car company called Nissan has an electric car called the Nissan Leaf. Here are some names of other companies and models: BMW I3, Chevrolet Spark EV, Smart Fortwo Electric Drive.


The first electric cars was made in 1890s. But Anyos Jedlik was the person who invented the motor,for the electric car but he didn't invented the electric car. People from Hungary, Netherlands, and United States worked on electric cars. When it was first made. Gasoline was not cheap. So lots of people used electric cars in the old days. But still it’s more common that you see gasoline powered car on the street.

Comparing electric cars and gasoline cars

Another thing about electric cars is that they run out of fuel quicker than a gasoline powered car. Electric cars are more efficient than gas powered car. Electric cars can not go as fast as gasoline powered cars. They run out of fuel quicker than gasoline cars. And price of a gallon of gas is about $0.10 per mile for gasoline vs. $ 0.03 per mile for electric cars.

In addition, Electric cars don’t give harmful emissions so there better for the environment around them.


Electric car is an interesting topic. Electric cars are better for the environment around them, and I hope more people use electric cars in the future. I hope you learned new interesting historical facts about electric car and enjoyed this piece of informational writing.


Emissions - they come out of a gasoline cars. When it burns gas.

Hybrid cars are a car with a electric motor. And a gasoline motor.

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