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  • Population: 24,407,381 (2013)

  • Size of Country: 203,850 mi²

  • Religion: Islamic

    • 99% of Yemenis are Muslims

      • about 56% are Sunni Muslims, which primarily belong to the Shafi'i school of thought

      • about 44% are Shia Muslims, which primarily belong to the Zaydi school of thought

    • 1% Christians, Jews, and a very small community of Hindus

    • There are no laws that protect the freedom of religion in Yemen.

    • The Constitution declares that Islam is the state religion, and that Shari'a (Islamic law) is the source of all reason.

    • There is religious toleration for followers of religious groups other than Islam, but the Government will not allow them to convert from Islam.

  • Official Language: Arabic

  • Largest City: Sana'a--with 1,937,451 (2015)

  • Capital City: Sana'a

Places to Visit/Tourist Attractions

  • Gulf of Aden, Aden City: a gulf located in the Arabian Sea between Yemen.

    • It captures the essence of the history, nature & numerous environments that Yemen has to offer.

  • Sand Dunes, Socotra Island

    • The sand dunes on Arther Beach in the Socotra Islands are gigantic and very majestic. They are so gigantic that only the immense mountain hills and clear blue sky dominates them.

  • Ghumdan Palace: an ancient palace and fortress in the capital city (Sana'a, Yemen).

    • The history of the palace is represented in numerous legends and tales. Ghumdan Palace tower is 20-storeys high, and some people believed it to have been the world's earliest skyscraper.

  • National Museum of Yemen: offers an overview of Sana'a history and how it came to be.

    • The museum contains over 75,000 artifacts grouped into eras, all the way from pre-Christianity to modern history. The museum also offers various inscriptions, tapestries, carvings, pottery work, weaponry, and navigational equipment that make Yemen the place it is today.


  • usually eat 3X a day at home
  • Bread: primarily flat breads
  • Kebab: there are various types, but usually with roasted chicken or lamb & vegetables in pita bread.
  • Ogdat: stew made with lamb, chicken, or fish & vegetables
  • Saltah: the national dish of Yemen, which is a meat stew with mainly vegetables, rice, potatoes & scrambled eggs
  • *Pork is officially prohibited.


  • Teas: types- regular, mint, and can be served with milk

  • Coffees: Arabian and Turkish coffees are the most popular

  • International Favorites:

    • soft drinks

    • milk

    • juices- mango & guava juices are especially popular

  • *Alcohol is officially prohibited and is illegal in Yemen.

  • *The tap water in Yemen should not be consumed.

Temperature (Weather)

  • subtropical dry, hot desert climate

  • low annual rainfall

  • very high temperatures in summer

  • big difference between maximum and minimum temperatures, especially in the inland areas

***While some people say that Yemen is an Al-Qaeda stronghold and there is terrorist activity, you should travel to Yemen because...

  • Four of the world heritage sites are in Yemen—in Sana’a, Shibam, Socotra and Zabid.

  • Sana’a (the capital of Yemen) is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world.

  • Once Yemen used to be famous for its coffee and was the center of the world's coffee trade. Mocha coffee was first discovered in Yemen!

  • The unique architecture of Yemen is what distinguishes it from any other country.