Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers

Top 5 Picks

What is Web 2.0 again?

Web based applications that involve participation and interaction in the creation of content as opposed to websites that just involve viewing content.

Why should I use Web 2.0 tools with my students?

  • Interactive, engages learners in creating a product
  • Accessible - anywhere you have web access
  • Collaborative - encourages sharing of work and "audience" participation
  • Impress everyone with your technical know-how :)

Help! The choices are overwhelming!

Start with a few easy to use sites; then add to your toolbox as you learn.

#1 Voki

Voki - Choose an avatar and convey your message. Use text-to-speech OR record your own voice. Can post Voki to blogs and websites.

#2 Prezi

Prezi is a cool alternative to PowerPoint. Begin with a blank canvas - create the look you want. Viewers can control the movement, zoom in and out.

#3 Animoto

Great tool for creating slideshows of images set to music. Can add captions.

#4 Wordle

Use Wordle to create word clouds. Possible uses: autobiographies, poetry, in place of book reports.

#5 Smore

Smore lets users create posters and flyers. Templates are easy to use with choices for backgrounds, fonts, and colors. Add images, embed in a web page or blog.

Want to know more?

  • Sign up for a group lesson
  • Jump in the Web 2.0 world

Thank you!