Save your Soil

By Damian Silverio and Bryan Espinoza

Limited Soil

Soil is LIMITED? Yes, the soil is limited. The fertile soil is limited and since we are in a drought its harder to make the soil fertile. Do you know how long it takes to grow a little bit of soil it takes about one hundred years you are probably like wow that was my reaction too. That's why we need to save our soil!!!!!!
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Limited Soil

See the picture above that's how most of our soil is. Since the soil is dry the water will just slide off unless someone makes hole so the water can just slide in and the soil will have more moister in it. WE NEED MORE FERTILE SOIL!!!!!

Dust Bowl

Do you know what the Dust Bowl is? The Dust Bowl moved all the good fertile soil and dry dirt particles were left so the farmers lost the fertile soil. This took place in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico. By 1930's almost all the great plains had been turned into farms or ranches.


The solution to this this problem is to make the soil fertile again you can do that by contour plowing, conversation plowing, and crop rotation. Contour plowing- is to plow along contours of the field to minimize the soil erosion. Conversation plowing to plow in a curve instead of a straight line to prevent a rainfall which is the same as contour plowing. Crop rotation is to plant crops and help control insects and diseases.