U.S. Northeast Region

By: Lilly,Trent.Cameron,Kinlee

States included:

Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusettes, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.
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There are 54,741,353 people in this region.


Appalachian Mountains

White Mountains

Green Mountains




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It has rainfalls and the areas vary from around 50 inches. The summers are hot and the winters are snowy and cold.The northeast region is about halfway between the equator,so the climate is very different from the climate of the climate of the southeast


Atlantic Ocean, Great Lakes, Chesapeake Bay
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Places we'd like to visit and landmarks

we want to visit New York because we would like to see the statue of liberty,Twin towers,and go to china town and New Jersey.

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There are different birds that live in the northeast. Some eat plants and others eat animals. In New Hampshire there is a bird called the purple finch. In New Jersey theres American Goldfinch. In New york theres the Eastern Bluebird. In Connecticut theres the American robin. And last but not least in Rhode Island theres the red chicken thurush

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food: clam chowder, crab cakes, lobster and other seafood

People: many immigrants have moved here

Fun: Basketball and volleyball are the two sports that were invented by this region

natural recources

the northeast has many forests and logging is very important there. Veromont is known for there maple syrup that comes from the maple trees. Some resources come from the underground like granite,marble,and coal. granite and marble are used to build buildings. Vermont has the largest granite quarries in the country
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intresting facts

there are two other regoins in this regoin. The Northeast has the largist city:New york city. And the smallest state Rhode island