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The First Battle of Bull Run

Sunday, July 21st 1861 at 1-6:45pm

Prince William County, VA, United States


Be there or be square! Come witness (and kick butt) in the first major battle of the Civil War!
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The First Battle of Bull Run signaled the official beginning of the Civil War, although violence first began when Confederate troops attacked Fort Sumter. The Battle was fought only a few miles away from Washington DC. From Lincoln's point of view, this battle was meant to be a opportunity to wipe out most of the Confederate army. After doing so, the goal was to open a route up to Richmond, the Confederate's capital, and end the war as soon as possible. What seemed like a Union victory in the beginning of the battle, turned into an unexpected Confederate win. Reinforcements arrived by rail, and heavy artillery fire, unstable bridges, and overturned supply wagons added to the Union's confusion. Eventually, Northern troops were forced back to the safety of Washington DC. Confederate troops could have pursued them, but were too unorganized to actually do so. Back at the Lincoln administration, the Battle confirmed realizations that the Civil War would most definitely be a costly and long affair.

The Battle of Chancelorsville

Thursday, April 30th 1863 at 1-3pm

Spotsylvania County, VA, United States


Come see another fierce clash between the South and the North. Which side will be victorious? Refreshments will not be served.
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This battle took smart thinking from Confederate General Robert E. Lee's side. A tactic he used to overcome Union troops was to split up his army, confronting and surprising Union General Hooker. A devastating mistake that General Hooker made was to not use his numerical superiority, and instead ordering his troops to take defensive positions. General Lee used this strategy a couple of times, eventually forcing Union troops back across the Rappahannock River, securing a Confederate win. The victory did come at a cost however, as trusted General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson was accidentally killed by one of his own men, after being mistaken for a Yankee. The Battle of Chancellorsville was thought to be General Lee's greatest victory of the entire Civil War, especially considering that there were approximately twice as many Union troops than there were Confederates.

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