2P Newsletter

March 25 - April 1, 2016


  • Science Fair! The students did an amazing job on the their Science Fair projects! It was clear to see how much hard work was put into each one! Way to go, Scientists!!
  • Young Playwright Assembly! We watched professional actors perform the words written by fellow TJS students. The playwrights did an awesome job creating really interesting stories!!
  • PTO Grant for Math Manipulatives: Another big "Thank You!" to the TJS PTO for supplying all of the second grade classrooms with new math manipulatives. They include some of the geometric materials you see below, plus magnetic 10 frames, base 10 place value sets, and multiple types of dice (6-10 sided dice with numbers up to 20 on each face). These sets will allow us to provide greater differentiation and support for students. We're very excited and grateful! :)
  • April Fool's Day: We heard lots of funny April Fool's Day jokes! It was a silly day! :-)

They work SO hard!!

There are so many times when we wish you could see them in class! They work so hard and put their best effort into everything they do! Not to mention, the number of times we see them reaching out to help a friend or give an encouraging word. :-)

Reading/Writing: They have published their non-fiction research pieces and, I must say, they are incredible! The students have researched, paraphrased facts, practiced writing different kinds of sentences, organized their thoughts (not easy!), re-copied their work, typed a creative title into their Chromebooks, AND created a cover for their book. Whew!! It was really wonderful this past week to see them focused and proud of their accomplishments. Woohoo! Go, Team Badger!

They are also finishing the creative piece to this unit, which is writing about an alien that might live on their outer space address (moon, star, or planet). They are typing these in their Chromebooks and then drawing and coloring their alien on separate paper. We can't wait for you to read them!

The next reading and writing units will begin after break: Persuasive Writing! and Partner Reading!

Math: We finished our unit on Mental Math and have started learning about Money! In addition to identifying coins, bills, and their varying individual amounts, we are adding different coins and bills. We are also learning different ways to represent money amounts (ie. $4.25 = 425 cents; $0.43 = 43 cents).

We have a very well traveled and diverse class! Several students have brought in bills and coins from their home collections. We have seen old US coins, coins from China, Canada, and even a bill from Serbia! If you have any interesting bills or coins that you would be willing to share, we'd love to see them! It's not technically part of our lesson, but it sure is a fun way to explore money and understand how it works around the world.

Science/Social Studies: We have wrapped up our unit on Simple Machines and have started our next Social Studies unit on Maps! We have identified places on a map of the classroom, created a key and looked at the features of maps. We will be continuing this unit for the next couple of weeks.

Suzanne Pelkey (Classroom Teacher), Carolyn Rommeihs (Special Education Teacher), and Doreen Patrone (Teacher Assistant)