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John Xiong


  • Banana man by Evan Jones. Portrays a prideful man for his bread and butter
  • Mixed ethnicity in Jamaica causing a impact on the language
  • Analysis of B-man has many meanings
  • Through out the song, the B-Man is a (happy/carefree) guy
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BACKGROUND (poem/dialect)

  • Detail on imagery
  • Take place on a old system country side "load up de donkey, leave de lan"
  • Many language/culture having direct influence the dialect.
  • Immigrants, slaves and Europeans were all there at one time and namely speaking a general language.
  • The word "de" use through out the song which translate to the English word "the."

Analyse (how language is use)

  • Theme- don't be discourage of what other may say
  • syntax- has a end rhyme structure
  • dialect- in English words but most are spell in Jamaican
  • poet devices- end rhymes, rhythm ect.

Display text (how language is use)

  • Banana man is very optimistic about his surrounding
  • "I cut my stems an I'm on m'way Load up de donkey, leave de lan head down de hill to banana stan."-imagery
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Dialect can have huge impact on American. Dialect persuade American to acquire more interesting fact about other languages. This can make American more eager for knowledge because American loves new way to interpenetrate a saying. And dialect is a perfect way due to the way of thinking optimistic like the B-man and hidden meaning like the mountain/sea.