Sugar Cane to Sugar

By Finley Ginsbach


Hi! had you ever wonder how sugar is made? Today your qestion will be answer will be answered! today your be learning how sugar is made.


Sugar starts from the farm. It start as sugar cane. sugar cane starts from the grown. The sugar cane gets picked out. After it gets picked out it gets crushed by a huge roller. Then it gets sent to the factoy. Where the sugar cane. Turns in to sugar.


The very first step of sugar is that it goes in a separator. Where the the vibers are moved.The second step is that the juice from the sugar cane is sent to a evapoator. Thats basicly a huge pot of fiber. The finale process of sugar is that it is crystals. Then it gets sized. then checked. Then it gets mailed to your ordinary hyve.


People buy sugar because they use it for cooking and baking. And in deserts.

Fun Facts

Sugar is in lots of food. Also in verstatily it does flavor aroma texture and browning. It also helps rerainmolsture. Also perverv freshness.


Thats the most inportint steps of making sugar
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