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September 28, 2015

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Growth Mindset - Current Thoughts

The Einstein quote above was found when I googled Growth Mindset quotes. I thought it was great! For those of you who are following Carol Dweck's Mindset Research, I also found this article that may be of interest to you. She describes her latest thoughts on the movement, based on how it has been applied in many different settings. It is worth a read when you get a chance! Click below to access the article. Enjoy!!!

Growth Mindset - The next chapter

PBIS Update

"Successful people build each other up. They motivate, inspire, and push each other. Unsuccessful people just hate, blame, and complain."

I found the above quote on the PBIS pinterest board. Not only would it be a good quote to share with students in a Morning Meeting, but also something for us to think about as we work to strengthen our PLC's and our daily work together. (just something to think about during this challenging time of year) :-)

Please be sure to have Chapter 12 of your Positive Discipline book read by Oct. 6th. It is a great chapter on enhancing the productive work of your Morning Meetings!

The Learning Function Needs Your Feedback!!!

The Learning Function has a focus group that is analyzing our Library set-up and various support roles our Librarians provide. In an effort to shift our traditional libraries to a dynamic, interactive educational space in our schools, we need your input. Please complete our Library Learning Commons Climate Survey by October 2:


Calendar of Events

Everything is posted on the Collaboration Site, please check it weekly. Some highlights are below.

  • Parent Conference Window: September 21st – Oct. 9th Be sure to document all conferences in Aware.

  • September 29th - Student Council Field Trip for the Fourth Grade Student Council Officers and Ambassadors

  • Math CFA window - This next week (Sept. 28th - Oct. 2nd) is technically the next window for the second Math CFA. We understand that you may be a little off based on this first six weeks need for flexibility. We will be working with each of your teams to get you back on schedule and make sure that adequate time is devoted for analysis. Click here to see the current CFA and writing benchmark schedule. (you will also use this next week, as you plan your second six weeks assessments)

  • September 30th - Teacher Luncheon Hosted by First Grade. Have your order in by Sept. 28th.

  • September 30th - Amanda Lorenzo, from EECU, will be here on Wednesday, September 30, 2015 from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the conference to answer questions about joining the Educational Employees Credit Union.

  • October 2nd: First Day of Red Ribbon Month. See updates from Angelina for the schedule. This is also an Early Release Day!!! Be sure to let your parents know we get out at 12:00. Our PTA luncheon will start at 12:20 and then the rest of the day has been set aside for Parent Conferences.

  • SNAP Meetings - Oct. 7th - This year we are going to implement SNAP (Students Needing Accelerated Programming - to get caught up) meetings. These are quick snapshot meetings with each teacher to review the BOY diagnostic information and classroom performance for RtI identification and purposes. The RtI team is currently grouping all the data together for review. We will then get a floater sub to come to your room to cover your class, while you head to the Think Tank for a quick discussion about your students who may need some extra help this year. Our goal is to make informed decisions, with your input, to best meet the needs of our students and place them in the appropriate Tier. You will also get an idea of who we will have SIT meetings on, who you will need to progress monitor, and who you will need to provide documented interventions. We will work on a schedule for Oct. 7th and let you know ASAP. (Note: Kinder will need to have the SNAP meetings a little later based on their I-Station window for BOY)

September Character Focus "Responsibility"

"There is no better exercise for strengthening the heart than reaching down and lifting up another."
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Professional Development and Learning - Faculty Meetings, PLC's, and Kelly Leach Visits

  • There will not be PLC meetings or a faculty meeting on Tuesday, so that you have time for parent conferences. We will have Second Six Weeks Curriculum and Assessment Planning days. Please be sure your sub is secured and you bring your technology and any planning documents to your half day planning session. The goal is to make it as productive as possible, so thanks for your focus and hard work!!

Assessment Planning is scheduled as follows:

Sept. 28th A.M First Grade in the Conference Room and Kinder in the Think Tank

Sept. 28th P.M Third Grade in the Think Tank

Sept. 30th A.M Second Grade in the Think Tank

Sept. 30th P.M Fourth Grade in the Think Tank

  • October 8th - Kelly Leach Coaching visit - she will be at school to help you with curriculum implementation. Please have your questions prepared...you can email her in advance if there is something specific you need. Thanks!

  • October 12th - District PD - You have a choice! - Go on to Eduphoria Workshop and choose the sessions you want to attend. Most are half days...so you would choose two half days. A few are all day sessions. Move fast because sessions are filling up quickly! Below is a link to the google folder with sessions and where co-curr and specials go on Oct. 12th.

  • October 15th Running Records Training - Running Records training is close! Mark your calendar for Oct. 15th in the Think Tank during your Conference. Farah, Kelly Persyn, and Kelly Leach will be training everyone on Running Records. Running Records will be a part of the BOY, MOY, and EOY diagnostic information for third and fourth grade to help confirm fluency rates, assess comprehension, and get a reading level for each student in order to help with grouping students in Guided Reading Groups.
  • Running Records will be used in K-2 to progress monitor at - risk students (aa appropriate) and may be used with some third and fourth grade students to progress monitor depending on the situation. K-2 teachers will also be able to use Running Records MOY to assess all students fluency, comprehension, and reading level growth to readjust reading groups, as well. The training team's goal is to provide you with all the resources and processes to help you. There will also be demonstrations to help you get a first hand look at the process. Then on Oct. 29th, everyone will meet with Kelly Leach to discuss current practices and ideas on grouping the students for Guided Reading Groups, Jan Richardson Lesson Planning, and documentation ideas for your Guided Reading Notebook. So, mark your calendars for Oct. 15th and 29th. Thanks!

Thank you!!!

Thanks to Lezley Stiff for a fantastic and engaging Art Night! It was the best one ever!!!

Thanks to Ann Lallande for presenting technology resources to help parents at the PTA meeting Monday night. We also appreciate Ann's work with the book fair and her commitment to getting Patricia Polacco to Florence!!! What a treat!!!

Thanks to our Student Council Advisors, Jennifer Love, Jennifer Lowry, Jeanne Devine, Angelina Bowen, and Farah Rehman for their dedication to the Student Council and for a great Installation Ceremony Thursday!!! We also appreciate the teachers that were able to attend to support their Classroom Reps, Ambassadors, and Officers.

Thanks to Angelina for orienting our new WatchDogs this past week! This program is such an important one for our school and we appreciate her dedication to making it happen!!!

Thanks to everyone for being flexible and welcoming all our grandparents on Thursday and Friday. It was such a special day and your graciousness is very much appreciated!!!!

Thanks to the Social Committee for planning and Sheryl Milligan for hosting the Back to School Party!!!!

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