Scuba Diving with Sharks

Shark Diving!


1. You can die.

"The death of an Australian tourist bitten during an organized shark-safari has reignited arguments about the safety of such pursuits." (Swimming with sharks: is it ever safe?).

2. "All sharks have common characteristics and range in size from 1 foot to over 25 feet long. They have an extremely large mouth, with multiple rows of sharp teeth and extremely powerful jaw muscles. When a shark bites, it hangs on with a characteristic shaking of the head, side to side, crushing bone and ripping soft tissue. A single bite may be immediately fatal." (Sharks).


1. Shark attacks are very rare.

"Sharks are amazing and powerful animals. Although sharks are carnivorous, they do not preferentially prey on scuba divers, or even humans in general. Sharks do attack humans, but such attacks are extremely rare." (Is Scuba Diving With Sharks Dangerous?).

2. Since 1990, shark attacks haven't been bad.

"Since 1990 only 26% of attacks have resulted in serious injury and only 15% were fatal." (Shark Board).

Is it worth it to go scuba diving with sharks?

Is it really worth it to go scuba diving with sharks? Personally, I think so. I think so because that not only are shark attacks rare, but they don't usually end up causing in serious injury or death. In fact, on a recent study, it has been proved that you are more likely to die falling out of your bed then being bit by a shark. Also, sharks are very beautiful creatures and it be like not living to not just dive with them once. And since sharks don't attack much (unless the shark you're swimming with is a bull, tiger, or great white shark), it's almost like a free pass to make sure you can do something fascinating. As a plus, there are also shark-repellent tools to make sure you can't be attacked. Personally, I think it's very worth it.
Naked Science - Shark Attacks