Club 45 At Home

Week 14, June 11 - June 17

Stay tuned for some new ways to connect and grow with Club 45

Hello Club 45 family.

We had such a great time gathering together this past Sunday! Although we haven't been able to gather in person during this season, we have seen God begin to grow some amazing new things with our Club 45ers, giving us new opportunities to develop friendships, as well as the leadership gifts God has placed in our kids.

We are already meeting weekly outside of Sunday morning for social gatherings and worship team practice. And we have it on our hearts to begin meeting regularly to train and develop discussion leaders, too! Guy and girl small groups may follow. Stay tuned!

We hope to see you at one of our Zoom gatherings this week:

  • Fridays at 4:30: worship team practice! This is for any singers or musicians who want to grow in their ability to worship God through music, and help others do the same.
  • Sundays at 10:00 is our regular Club 45 gathering where we learn about Jesus, have fun together, pray together, and worship together.
  • Thursdays at 4:30 is our Club 45 hangout where we enjoy time with friends and have some fun playing games and chatting.

In love,

Your Club 45 team: Tom, Aaron, and Andrea

Gather up some family and let's do Club 45 at home!

You're the expert on Club 45, so you be the teacher! Below is the lesson we had scheduled for this Sunday. Go through all the parts together wherever you are today.
Big picture

Circle Time

Alright everyone, time to begin! Answer the following questions with your family:

  • Your name
  • Your number from 1-4 that tells us how you are...1 is not so good, 4 is great.
  • Choose one of these two options: share the best dream you ever had OR share the most beautiful sight you have ever seen.

Find it in the Bible

In a physical Bible, or in a Bible app like YouVersion, look up Revelation 1:7-8. Read it together. Think and talk about this:

  • This is what Jesus says about himself, that he "is and was is to come." What do you think each part means?

Worship Time

This is your time to just stop and sing to Jesus with your family. You can play a favorite worship song on your instrument or stream it and sing along. This is a time for you and your family to enjoy Jesus and meet him through song. Here's one that's been going through my (Andrea's) heart this week. Start at 10:12 to sing along with "God of Rest."

Weekend Worship (March 28, 2020)

Time for our Bible Story!

Last week we heard the story of how Saul, a guy who thought loving God was all about keeping the rules, met Jesus and became Paul, a super-cool friend of Jesus who shared that God freely gives his love. Our love relationship with Jesus does not depend on us following a laundry list of rules.

Today we’re going to read a vision Jesus shares with his friend John. Listen for all of the images and sounds in Jesus’ vision. Jesus gives us a beautiful hope of how things will be forever when we’re together with him.

Sparks April 29: 44 A Dream of Heaven--John sees the future

Let's think about that a little bit!

          • What is the first thing John sees in his dream? Who’s on the throne and what’s going on? How does that connect to us? Who or what is on our throne right now?
          • What part of John’s vision popped out most for you? Why?
          • What happens to the sun and the moon? How about everything that was sad? Why do these things disappear?
          • In John’s vision, he repeatedly says, “I see” to describe Jesus and what’s going on around him. When you think of Jesus yourself, what do you see? What words and pictures come to mind?
          • Do we need to wait until heaven comes to earth to be Jesus’ friend? How can we develop our friendship with him now?

          Quiet time - just you and Jesus

          This week’s story is all about God’s perfect vision for us. When Jesus shows us something, reflecting on it and responding to what he shows is huge. When we take time with Jesus, he draws and speaks his heart to us, so let’s draw and write what he’s putting in us.

          Take a moment to just picture yourself somewhere cool with Jesus. Imagine yourself under a tree on a sunny day, or out on the rocks by lake superior. Now just open up your heart and tell Jesus about your day. You can do it out loud, or by whisper praying, or you can write Jesus a note, like you would write a note to a friend. He loves to hear from you.

          • Ask Jesus to speak to you, listen to Him, and then take a few moments again to brainstorm about what John saw in his vision. What sticks out- pictures, words, both? Draw that. Maybe you’re a word person; write down some words that God brings up or that come to mind for you.
          • When God speaks to us, we can use that encourage others, so share your visions with your family or friends.


          Communion is the family meal where we get together and remember that Jesus is our forever Passover lamb. Like the Israelites in the Old Testament, who lived because of the shed blood of the lamb on their doorpost, we live forever with Jesus because of his finished work on the cross.

          Read 1 Corinthians 11:23-26, and then take the elements (usually a cracker and juice, but do whatever works!) with your family. Do this in memory of the Jesus who’s paid the greatest price for you, his greatest treasure.

          Pray for each other

            • Ask your family for any prayer requests that they have and pray for those.
            • Ask if anyone in your family needs healing in their bodies? Sick, allergies, cuts, bruises, runny nose, etc. Go for it and take God at his word!
            • Take some time to pray for hurt people and leaders in our church. God has made us part of a community, so it’s important to share other folks’ needs.

            Get in Touch!

            We miss you all and would love to hear from you by phone or email.