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We now have a digital sign-up sheet for use of the Chromebook carts.

Key Features

Curriculum resources for K-12 including digital textbooks and engaging, informative, and relevant video resources.

  • Standards-aligned collection.
  • Engaging teaching channels including videos for each subject matter.
  • Encourages students to form connections between their learning and the world.
  • Cultivates a life-long learning mindset.

Professional development resources and collaborative opportunities among educators.

  • Instructional strategies.
  • Guides to help incorporate more digital resources.
  • Professional network for educators.

Personalize your experience.

  • Select preferences and interests.
  • Curate channel lists to focus on resources supportive of your lesson plan needs.

Available activities that may be used as-is or altered to fit your needs.

  • Studio - A tool used to enhance and evaluate the learning of students.

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Upcoming Events

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November 4th
  • College Visit: York College during Block 2
  • College Visit: University of Hartford during Block 6
  • Key Club Event during after school
  • Board Game Group during after school

November 6th

  • Air Force visit during Block 3

November 11th

  • Veteran's Breakfast during Blocks 1, 2, and 3.
  • Dedication of the Honor Wall before the breakfast.

November 14th

  • Stockton's Poetry Workshop during after school

November 18th

  • Board Game Group during after school

November 21st

  • Stockton's Poetry Workshop during after school

November 22nd

  • Career Day!

Let's Celebrate:

Native American Heritage Month!

Check out Facts on File's American Indian History Database & our Book Display!

Check Out This Month's Displays!

National Authors Day: 11/1

Election Day: 11/5

National STEM Day: 11/8

Veteran's Day: 11/11

World Kindness Day: 11/13

International Day of Tolerance: 11/16

Universal Children's Day: 11/20

World Philosophy Day: 11/21

Thanksgiving: 11/28

Great American Smokeout: 11/21

Maybe you can help us with...

Candy Donations:

Mrs. Dempsey is preparing holiday packages for our troops and is need of candy. Feel free to donate leftover Halloween candy! Any and all donations should be brought to the library.

Thank you!

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We are open after school:

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays until 3:10

NHS Tutoring is available after school on:

Tuesdays and Thursdays until 3:10 each day

Students must have their agenda books signed prior to coming to the library.

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NEW!!! We now have a digital sign-up sheet for use of the Chromebook carts.

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