Apple iPad

By Tyler Lemieux

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What is the iPad Made of?

The iPad is made up of so many things to make it work. There is glass for the front screen. The metal aluminium is used for the back casing. Now lets get into what is on the inside. The circuit boards have copper in them so electricity can run through the device. The battery is a lithium ion battery so there is lithium in the iPad.


China has a big population so there are more people to work for less money in factories.
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The iPads are assembled in China and shipped to the USA to be sold.

What is Globalization?

Globalization is the increase of economy and trade due to technology.

Unit 1 Claim

People live in different places due to geographical features and because of trade.

Six Word Claim

Humanity thrives on geography and globalization.

How Does Globalization Relate to Me?

Globalization relates to me because I live in New Hampshire and the climate here changes. My parents decided they wanted to live in Derry, New Hampshire because they like to see the seasons.

Pros and Cons of Globalization

There are pros and cons to globalization.

The pros are Big businesses make more profit, and people in third world countries get jobs

The cons are Americans loose their jobs, and the earth becomes polluted

Environmental Problems

Creating the iPad comes with some environmental problems. First off we are using the earth's resources. All of the aluminium will be gone if we keep using it to make iPads. The factories that China uses to make the iPads can pollute the air.

Solution to Environmental Problem.

A solution to the problem I stated before is make the iPad out of different material. If we didn't use aluminum for the back, but instead used something like wood that way it is a renewable source.

Examples of How Geography Impacts Where, How, and Why People Live Where They Do

People live in Alaska because of the natural resource there, oil. People, like myself, live in New Hampshire because of the different seasons. People live in Virginia because that was the first "state" colonized. Florida has a warm climate so people that like a warm climate live there.